El Celso vs. Ant Farm

El Celso and C-Monster are on the road.  Where they’re going, nobody knows.  But they stopped at Ant Farm’s Cadillac Ranch long enough to throw some serious colour onto one of those old Caddies.

I miss Cadillac Ranch, ya’all are making me road-sick.  Here’s the same car back in […]

Vision of the Bleak Future in Astoria, Oregon

I don’t have any way of proving this, but this super ominous, super awesome painting has a “shot for a trade paperback” vibe to it.  Definitely a lot of 1970’s cover art flavour going on, regardless.  Are those Sardaukar there?  Found in the basement of an antique mall in Astoria, Oregon, I was […]

Alternate Living Arrangements

I’ve been processing some of the non-exhibition photos from my trip to Thailand this year.  Yesterday I put up a series of photos of cargo barges and ships taken in Sriracha Harbour, a largely breakbulk operation.  I took these pictures while accompanying S. Ian Song to the island of Ko Si Chang, which […]

So He Can Make a Rock So Big Even He Can’t Lift It…

Seen on the highway between Springfield and Branson in Missouri.

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On The Road – Kilroy In Kansas City, MO

Driving back from the more than excellent RJ’s Bob-B-Que, we rolled up on this, a tiny piece of a huge pair of murals decorating the Foxx Equipment building. Making it better is that Foxx is a beer and beverage equipment supplier. The mechanical backbone of modern Baccanalia, sponsoring lowbrow, psychedelic anthropomorphic, animal-based graffiti […]

Big Red at the Kemper Museum

The Gao Brothers (Gao Zhen and Gao Qiang) – Miss Mao – painted fiberglass, 2006 (label)

Chinese, post-pop art is everywhere. If you’re Chinese and you can produce anything big, bright and with a reasonable symbolic relevance, it’s your turn at the art market ATM machine.

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To Do – On The Road Edition

I’m on the road in Missouri, eating as much BBQ as is humanely possible, and a little bit stuffed and sick from it. I also just spent two days marveling at the joys of the Nelson-Atkins Museum, the Kemper Museum, the National WWI Museum and the Toy and Miniature Museum in glorious, smoky […]

Getting There… Slowly… At 500 Miles Per Hour…

Note: I’m writing this offline, and some of my posts from Thailand will no doubt be wackily out of order as I screw around with the time zones on my computer. Oh, and Flickr is working but being slow, so no matter how fast I can process, there seems to be a bottleneck […]

The Spindle Is Gone

After removing the top two cars, the whole sculpture was torn apart. Dustin Shuler’s Spindle is dead. This is the saddest day in public art ever. I can’t think of anything else to say.

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Waffle House! Waffle House! Waffle House!

I’m at the Tallahasse airport (which has free power and free WiFi!), and I’m one happy Californian, topping off a too short trip with a much deserved and lusted after meal at the roadside shrine of my pagan faith, a Waffle House.

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