Nilbog at Cinefamily:
Tuesday, March 29 @ 8pm

Nilbog, The world’s only horror movie soundtrack cover band will be gracing the stage at Cinefamily tomorrow, March 29 @ 8pm, followed by The Visitor, a terrible, terrible, beautiful, magical film that features John Huston, Glenn Ford, Shelley Winters, and Lance Henriksen.  Be there or the monsters under your bed will saw off […]

Why Bother with the Song?

In which our post-post-modern hero, Lady Gaga, frontends a lazily written, sloppy sounding disco song with what should be the intro to 90 minutes of an awesomely bad sci fi movie.  There’s a unicorn at the end, and enough subculture mining of Skullboy to spook the mundanes, but it’s mostly a rehash of […]

RIP, John Barry

Soundtrack giant John Barry has died, aged 77.  Barry is the man responsible for the much of the music from two decades’ worth of Bond movies and a zillion other pieces of signature music, including the scores for The Black Hole, The Game of Death and Zulu.  He was also the music supervisor […]

The Nowheres that Roads Lead To

Peter Wegner’s installation, The United States of Nothing, all lit up, as seen at SFMOMA. Paint neon, based on the lat/long locations of towns with names that refer to nothing. I love being on the road, love the mystery of yet-unvisited town names. Embiggen.

With Talking Heads accompaniment, if you please.


Heaven is alright if you like saxophones

Gerry Rafferty, the man responsible for Baker Street and Stuck in the Middle, has ascended to the afterworld, serenaded by the brassy sounds of a host of ghostly horns.

More Fire In My Belly

For your reference, David Wojnarowicz’ piece, Fire in My Belly (via Carol Cheh of Another Righteous Transfer), in its YouTube incarnation.

The audio is from Diamanda Galas‘ Plague Mass, which in my opinion is one of the most important and moving pieces of music composed in the last 50 years or so.  If […]

Get Darque With Me

Zoetica Ebb over at Coilhouse has done the hard work at assembling a double fistful of ten YouTube selections of that darker, slower music that hung in the air in a thousand dimly lit teenage bedrooms in the 90’s. Follow the link to watch them, love them, sharpen your buck knife to them, […]

Kanye West x Vanessa Beecroft


Vanessa Beecroft, whose career has been devoted furthering my principle that anything in sufficient repetition can pass as contemporary art did the art direction for Kanye’s newest exploration of his own genius. No embedding, so you’re going to have to follow the above link.

31 minutes (plus credits) of Kanye West […]

Jazz Hands, Faces and Everything Else

818 photographs of the New York Jazz scene, 1938-1948, courtesy of photographer Down Beat magazine photographer William P. Gottlieb, via the Library of Congress.  There’s a total of 1600 in the archive, and they’re adding more to Flickr each month, so if this tunes your piano, keep checking back for more.  Everyone is […]

Your Giant Holographic Icon, Hatsune Miku

Hatsune Miku is a software-based, Japanese singing voice that manifests in many forms, including live concerts. She has a specific appearance, long blue hair, loli-esque body and a Sailor Moon-y outfit, and can be seen and consumed in just about every media imaginable. I guess this is the Aidoru phenomenon in yet another fruitful […]