Agreed. Agreed. Agreed.

Luna Park has called for a moratorium on Campbell’s Soup Cans in “Street Art” and couldn’t agree more. Even Warhol’s corpse is bored now, and this is what you get when you let the pot boil for too long, something unpalatable, that must be scraped from the bottom and that ultimately leaves a […]

Nilbog at Cinefamily:
Tuesday, March 29 @ 8pm

Nilbog, The world’s only horror movie soundtrack cover band will be gracing the stage at Cinefamily tomorrow, March 29 @ 8pm, followed by The Visitor, a terrible, terrible, beautiful, magical film that features John Huston, Glenn Ford, Shelley Winters, and Lance Henriksen.  Be there or the monsters under your bed will saw off […]

Robot Prom Coming to a Theatre Near You

The photos from the Cypress College Class of 3011 robot prom were unforgettable, and the teaser for what I think it’s safe to describe as the most anticipated robot dance party film of the coming Oscar season is an accelerated cardboardstorm of pure joy.

Four Lions Returns to Cinefamily, March 3-5

If you only see one comedy this year about Islamic terrorists in Britain, make it Four Lions, Chris Morris’ debut feature and the first release from Drafthouse Films, of Alamo Drafthouse fame. I saw this in a showing a few months back, also at Cinefamily, and for every minute I was totally engaged, […]

RIP, John Barry

Soundtrack giant John Barry has died, aged 77.  Barry is the man responsible for the much of the music from two decades’ worth of Bond movies and a zillion other pieces of signature music, including the scores for The Black Hole, The Game of Death and Zulu.  He was also the music supervisor […]

Barbarella, Flash Gordon, Conan the Barbarian, Dune, Manhunter…

…and so many, many more. Dino De Laurentiis has died.  Dino brought unbelievable visions and magic to the screen as the producer of 166 films over half a century.  My life is broader and filled with more possibility thanks to his work bringing fantastic imagery to the masses. It is for Dune that I […]

RIP Bob Guccione

Here’s an all-to-brief YouTube toast to the man who brought us OMNI Magazine, Caligula and letters that began with “I never thought it would happen to me…”

Yes, I had a subscription to OMNI, and believed everything I read because I was like 10 years old at the time.  The hypersuggestabilty of prepubescence […]

Dennis Hopper at Cinefamily all July

MOCA and Cinespia have partnered with Cinefamily to present a month-long retrospective, Wasn’t Born to Follow, of Dennis Hopper’s filmic magic.  While I have a feeling that MOCA’s Scnaubel organized?/curated? retro of Hopper is going to feel a little off base, Cinefamily will have the real Hopper, doing his “Hopper Thing”, showing ten […]

Do the Weekend

Thursday, February 18

Jocelyn Foye: Smashdown @ Laguna Art Museum. OC Roller Girls vs. Long Beach Roller Derby in a performance/action by Jocelyn Foye.  I get to shoot this event tonight, so keep an eye out for photos.  7pm.  RSVP to

Ground Control @ UCI Art Gallery.  MFA show from 2nd year […]

Yayoi Kusama: I Love Me

Lisa Katayama over at TokyoMango lives in SF, so she actually got to see the movie on Thursday. But all we Angelenos get is the short trailer, above, which gives only a brief sensation of Kusama’s awesome, tunnel visioned, obliterating ego in action. Amazon lists the DVD as being released on October 27 […]