The Civil War, Now in Vibrant, Modern 3-D

The Library of Congress keeps bringing the heat of history to Flickr’s Commons.  For the 150th anniversary of the War of Northern Aggression, they’ve loaded up a cannon load of stereographs, analglyphized them and blasted them across the bow of the internet.  So dig up the old red & blue shades and enjoy […]

Gerry Judah: Apocalyptic Cityscapes

I recently came across Gerry Judah’s work on BLDGBLOG, and it’s nuts, totally gonzo hot painting/installation/sculpture.  These bleached and skeletal cityscape derived works arouse so much end time emotion in me, the “empty world/after man” feeling. I want to be near one to see if the dead time smell of abandoned buildings and […]

Edith Abeyta: Opening Tonight at Windward School & Long Beach Garment Manifestation

I’ve been having a number of exciting art moments during “Spring Break in LA 2011!!! Woo!!Woo!!”, including a much anticipated visit to Edith Abeyta’s ongoing installation, Long Beach Garment Manifestation, at The Collaborative in Long Beach.  It’s massive, architectural an an awe inspiring piece of installation art. The image above is a tease, […]

Tigers @ SMBA

I am so gonna steal this “elongated body tiger line drawing” for some future project.  That’s real style, there, just lovely line work.  Hollow Brick with Tigers and Bi Disk, from the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-225 CE), from the permanent collection of the Santa Barbara Museum of Art.  Side view & label.

When […]

For My Angeleno Cultists and Conspirators of a Literary Bent

Vigilant Citizen, the greatest of all occult/conspiracy/music video review blogs, is in your downtown, analyzing your library. Whether your a card carrying member of P.A.G.A.N. (People Against Goodness and Normalcy, see Dragnet), a subterranean lizard-Angeleno, a believer in the Foursquare Gospel of Aimee Semple McPherson or just a celebrity member of boring old […]

The GRI Is on Flickr

I’ve heard terrible, terrible things about how brutal the staff cuts at the Getty were for the hard working folks at the Getty Research Institute.  But you can’t keep the resourceful staff of the GRI down.  They’ve begun to contribute to The Flickr Commons, with two sets Postcards of Algiers, a Virtual Tour […]

Alternate Living Arrangements

I’ve been processing some of the non-exhibition photos from my trip to Thailand this year.  Yesterday I put up a series of photos of cargo barges and ships taken in Sriracha Harbour, a largely breakbulk operation.  I took these pictures while accompanying S. Ian Song to the island of Ko Si Chang, which […]


I recently stumbled across the BLDG BlOG’s excellent post, Where Cathedrals Go To Die, about breaking container ships. As someone who’s daily life includes the constant, neighborly presence of these post-modern wonders of the world, I’m fascinated by the smallest details regarding their life and use. The post features numerous photos from Edward […]

Japanese Tetrapod Beaches

Japan’s unnatural/natural terapod breakwaters are lovely markers of man’s role as planet manager, and Japan’s various novel concrete intrusions into the fine art of water management through concrete in general are strange, sometimes frightening and always slightly medieval to me. Pink Tentacle has a great sampling of images of these giant concrete beauties. […]

Sea Fortitude

Sorry about the pun-title. I feel a need to share my fascination with military architecture (largely based upon my desire to live within a heavily armed bunker) with anyone passing by today.

WebUrbanist has a post, Creatively Converted Sea Forts of Great Britain: Strange Adaptive Reuse of Military Architecture, that’s must reading for […]