Your Giant Holographic Icon, Hatsune Miku

Hatsune Miku is a software-based, Japanese singing voice that manifests in many forms, including live concerts. She has a specific appearance, long blue hair, loli-esque body and a Sailor Moon-y outfit, and can be seen and consumed in just about every media imaginable. I guess this is the Aidoru phenomenon in yet another fruitful branch.

Hatsune Miku recently appeared via a complex telepresence/Pepper’s Ghost effect in live concert.  Note the use of hierarchical scale, its intended psychological effect and think about it in the context in which hierarchical scale is usually employed in Japan and throughout Asia. Note the fact that glowsticks never, ever seem to die. Note the fact that they’ve even bothered with a live band, and that the musicians in the band are featured in the video. Part of the appeal of Aidoru has always been their perceived perfection. Since they only appear in controlled contexts, their “lives” are without error, failure, aging, etc… Does the certainty of one’s interaction and reaction to Hatsune Miku provide a relationship devoid of pesky uncertainty?

YouTube is chock full of Hatsune Miku/Vocaloid-based videos, some creepy, some cute, and some more than a bit of both. The above showcases the kind of post-geography/post-historical/post-cultural mashup that pleases me the most.

via Slashdot & Singlualrity Hub.

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