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Been so in the office, that I don’t know what’s happening much outside, but here we go!

Saturday, July 18

Bloomfest @ Bloom Square in Traction Triangle.  Is the Triangle coming back?  I think it should, dammit.  Bands all day, starting at 11 AM.

Daytoday in LA @ G727.  Saturday is one of two family barter days, 1-6 PM, for Carolina Caycedo’s ongoing project.  Detailed info on Family Barter Day here – bring stuff to barter to LA’s temporary bartertown! 1 – 6 pm.  G727 is at 727 Spring Street, LA, CA 9004.

Yoshitoshi’s Demons @ LACMA.  Going on display are two sets of prints from One Hundred Ghost Tales of China and Japan and New Forms of Thirty-Six Ghosts.  Yoshitoshi is my favourite 19th Century Japanese printmaker – he blows that hack Hokusai right out of the water (Just kidding, love those views, waves and octopus dreams, Hokusai).  UNFRAMED has a fab post on the conservation of one of the prints on display, too boot.  On dispay in the Pavilion for Japanese art, July 18 – November 3.  If you’re in the pavilion, the current netusuke exhibition is particularly good – lots of pieces and forms that aren’t usually on display.

Lisa Bartleson and Getty MUI Intern Nadia Caldarella - Luminate

Sunday, July 19

For Fame and Love & Lisa Bartleson: Luminate @ Angels Gate Cultural Center.  I’ve got two guest curators and five amazing artists in the house.  Upstairs, in Gallery A, Devon Tsuno has curated For Fame and Love, featruing Kris Chatterson, Linda Day, Fatima Hoang (as the Rockness Monster, at top) and Jay Lizo.  The show is being installed as I write this, and the work is strong, like a series of combination punches.  Downstairs, Hillary Metz of Blythe Projects has arranged a spectacle of paintings and sculptures from Lisa Bartelson.  Lisa has been cooking with resin in Eric Johnson’s studio, and I’ve come to be amazed at the way she leashes and tames colour (That’s Lisa with Nadia, our Getty MUI intern, above).  Very pleased and proud of these shows, so join us for the opening from 2-4 PM.

Spontaneous Aura @ Angels Gate Cultural Center.  The keystone of County Undergraduate Intern Tristan Sedillo’s summer, Spontaneous Aura is a merging of poetry, visual art and sound, featuring Gerald Locklin, Jocelyn Foye, Shin Kawasaki and FLOOD.  Great day out at the Center, where I can practically guarantee a cooling breeze and a beautiful summer view of the Pacific.  Right after our openings in, from 4:30 – 6:30. 

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  • thesecretlivesofcats

    Great show, my favorite was mid-80’s-era, I-don’t-wanna-go on-with-you-like-that Elton John and weird, but colorful, hole-in-the-wall(dive bar?)illustrations by Jay Lizo. And the sleeping Dragon was worth the price of admission as well. Price of admission? A drive down to beautiful San Pedro.

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