Seen at LACMA (and at Sak’s, too)

LACMA - Cube of Hanging Plastics Being Installed

I was at LACMA on Friday for the annual Museum Educators of Southern California Annual Institute (If you have anything to do with running a museum or even a non-profit gallery that has an education focus, I really recommend you hop on the MESC bus), and the above was being installed in the plaza. I have no idea who’s work it is (there’s a Korean artist who’s name totally escapes me that could be the culprit), and it didn’t occur to my addled brain to ask, so I still don’t know. Below is a more complete version of the above, but not as well lit.

LACMA - Cube of Hanging Plastics Being Installed 2

The funny bit is that if you drive down Wilshire towards Beverly Hills, as I did on Friday, you’ll pass Sak’s Fifth Avenue, which has a nearly identical construction hanging in its windows. More evidence that the “what is art, what is not art” bar has either been raised, lowered or made irrelevant, I suppose.

Update: Reader and LACMAite Scott posted in the comments that “the work is called “Happy Happy,” by the artist Choi Jeong-Hwa. It’s part of the upcoming exhibition “Your Bright Future: 12 Contemporary Artists from Korea,” opening later this month.” – Thanks Scott.

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