The Return of Grace Jones

Just found out that Jones has a new album, Hurricane, coming out, her first in far, far too long. If she tours the states, I’m going to follow her around from city to city like a couture Deadhead. Above is the very “retro early 90’s” maybe “retro cyberpunk” video for Corporate Criminal, a track from the upcoming album..

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4 comments to The Return of Grace Jones

  • Hey, wow, how did you find out about this new record?! So, whats are first stop? Hey we could sell our comic in the parking lot at the shows!!

  • From you, of course.

  • John C.

    It’s was worth the wait !The Untouchable Grace Jone’s.

  • jeffb

    She sounds better than ever, a touch more menacing but a classic recording of what’s excepted from
    an underrated performance artists who also happens
    to have more fashion balls then anyone currently on
    the planet. When everything is clicking with Grace
    Jones and she joins forces with the best in music
    and video art, she writes and finds great material, all her sides
    come together and she delivers a long overdue gem
    which I’m sure Hurricane will be, its been far to
    long but Grace Jones is a timeless artist and does
    it her way, she can be crazy as hell and really scarey to some but to those that have been along for the
    ride since the mid to late 70’s, its a cause for celebration cause you know you’re going to be listening to some music way out there, yet personal
    and original, welcome back Grace Jones.

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