Street Art in Bang Saen, Thailand

Street Art in Thailand - Hi Quick Eye - Bang Saen, Thailand

I spent 90% of my time in Thailand in Bang Saen, mostly in the neighborhoods along Long Hard Bang Saen Road, between the main coastal highway and Burapha University. Being a college town I expected to see some street art, and I did find it, but not much. On my last trip to Thailand, I was on the lookout for street art of any type, and I hardly saw any, even in Bangkok proper. I’ve heard rumors about multi-story ghost buildings in Bangkok filled with graffiti, but I haven’t seen if those are true, yet…

I don’t think there’s a lot of street art in Thailand because what can compete with the visual chaos and action of any urban Thai street. 90% of what I saw was amateurish and I only saw big pieces, like the ones here, on ruined buildings. I didn’t see anything bigger than a sloppy tag on anything that wasn’t already a ruin. Either penalties are too high to make the risk worthwhile, or there’s a general respect for private property that is lacking in the States. It’s also worth noting that spray paint is on sale everywhere. If you’re in Thailand and are looking to spray paint on something I recommend the ATM brand, particularly the automotive colours. Oh, and buy a lot, as Thai cans contain a really lackluster supply of paint. They also have really unreliable flow rates, and sputter a lot, no matter what you do. Sometimes even fresh cans barely want to spray.

On to the pics.

Street Art in Thailand - Loving Cyclops Bubble Throw-Up - Bang Saen, Thailand

Above – An adorable throw up. This was spotted at a ruined two story building along the highway. I walked a few miles along the highway one morning and this piece, and the one below were the only graffiti I saw the whole time.

Street Art in Thailand - Blue Bombs - Bang Saen, Thailand

Above – Some pretty loose stuff going on here, and hat looks like an aborted white version of the piece above. This area of the building faced the street. There was a ton of great wall space in this ruin and an adjacent ruin, and they were both pretty much untouched. Note the Western bombs, with Thai script signatures. Thai script sometimes looks a bit like Bizarro English – you think you can read it, and see strange words in it, but you can’t, and I found the Thai signatures to be way, way more interesting than the bombs.

Street Art in Thailand - Yellow Face - Bang Saen, Thailand

Above – This may or may not be actual street art. It was on the wall of someone’s home in an alley. Not sure what’s going on here, but it’s not good work by any means.

Street Art in Thailand - Rectangular Cyclops - Bang Saen, Thailand

Above – This image, the tag at the top of this post, and all those that follow were all seen at the same ruined restaurant/nightclub near the University. I’m fond of this piece, both for its cyclopean nature and it’s rectangularity.

Street Art in Thailand - Face - Bang Saen, Thailand

Above – Squared face.

Street Art in Thailand - Blue Bomb - Bang Saen, Thailand

Above – Another bomb.

Street Art in Thailand - Banana with Face - Bang Saen, Thailand

Above – This image and the two that follow were the only really proficient pieces I saw in Thailand. Not sure if they’re the product of a local or of a traveler.

Street Art in Thailand - Banana and Creatures - Bang Saen, Thailand

Above – Someone came along and went over the faces, but I kind of like the effect here.

Street Art in Thailand - Blue Cloud - Bang Saen, Thailand

Above – This had an unfinished quality, but was very well painted. This seemed very LA to me for some reason.

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