Nelson-Atkins Museum: Giving You the Finger

The above reliquary supposedly contains the preserved finger bone of Saint John the Baptist, whom we recently saw beheaded and platterized at the behest of dancing girl Salome. It’s hard to imagine that at one point the world’s biggest tourist industry essentially consisted of folks wandering about to visit the supposed remains of […]

Severed Heads at the Nelson-Atkins Museum

My search for history’s finest depictions of severed heads continues in Kansas City. The Nelson-Atkins only has two severed head paintings on display, although they do have many sculptures that are either missing their heads, or are simply bodiless heads, but those don’t count, of course. Unless they depict a severing or a severed […]

So He Can Make a Rock So Big Even He Can’t Lift It…

Seen on the highway between Springfield and Branson in Missouri.

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On The Road – Kilroy In Kansas City, MO

Driving back from the more than excellent RJ’s Bob-B-Que, we rolled up on this, a tiny piece of a huge pair of murals decorating the Foxx Equipment building. Making it better is that Foxx is a beer and beverage equipment supplier. The mechanical backbone of modern Baccanalia, sponsoring lowbrow, psychedelic anthropomorphic, animal-based graffiti […]

Big Red at the Kemper Museum

The Gao Brothers (Gao Zhen and Gao Qiang) – Miss Mao – painted fiberglass, 2006 (label)

Chinese, post-pop art is everywhere. If you’re Chinese and you can produce anything big, bright and with a reasonable symbolic relevance, it’s your turn at the art market ATM machine.

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To Do – On The Road Edition

I’m on the road in Missouri, eating as much BBQ as is humanely possible, and a little bit stuffed and sick from it. I also just spent two days marveling at the joys of the Nelson-Atkins Museum, the Kemper Museum, the National WWI Museum and the Toy and Miniature Museum in glorious, smoky […]

My Famicase Exhibtion

I grew up playing Famicom. Living in a community chock full of shipped over salarymen and their families exposed me to 8-bit joy at an earlier age than most Americans. Although I had lots of non-Japanese friends, a lot of my friends were the “I don’t speak English, but we can play Famicom […]

Tomato Porn – The First Tomatoes

The season is now officially on! Bring forth more tomato action, good, green Earth! This nicely sliced pile of Lemon Boys and Yellow Pears made their way into a delicious breakfast of chilaquiles.

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My Condo, My Studio

While I was in Thailand, I was asked to donate a piece to Burapha University. Being that the University was such a generous host, there was no way I could refuse, even though I don’t really paint on canvas, ever. I can’t even remember buying a canvas before.

So, a suitable canvas acquired from […]

Learn to Write Like a Pro!

I find this work menacing/playful because of the way the disjunctive perturbation of the negative space contextualize the eloquence of these pieces.

Just follow this link to get your instantaneous Master’s Degree in Art Crapwriting!

Thanks Tyler & C-Monster for showing me the light.

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