Taco Truck Night

So my culinary ass is on the Save Our Taco Trucks bandwagon. Tomorrow, May 1st, 2008 isn’t just for labor & immigration rights rallies here in Los Angeles, it’s also Taco Truck Night. I’m going to represent by eating at every truck or stand on Pacific Avenue in San Pedro. Get your ass […]

Phantom Sightings Photos

Made it back to see Phantom Sightings, this time without the crowds. I didn’t take that many pictures, but the ones I took are in this Flickr set.

Above – Vocho, Margarita Cabrera – This piece steals my heart. A sewn Volkswagen bug, with the non-Mexican parts removed and replaced by fiber elements. […]

Kent Twtichell settles for $1.1 million over destruction of Ed Ruscha Monument

In what is described as the largest settlement awarded under the federal Visual Artists Rights Act or the California Art Preservation Act, both intended to protect public art, Twitchell will receive a total of $1.1 million from the U.S. government and 11 other defendants. It may still be possible to restore the mural, […]

You Heard It Here Second – Your Moment of Hirst

I think he stole a few extra minutes, personally.  Seen over at C-Monster.net.  Photo by Flickr user shoehorn99, in New York. For my American-in-British-exile comrade, Ally, who, by the way, has a new beer blog, Impy Malting!

Technorati Tags: Damien Hirst, street art, art, contemporary art, YBA, 15 minutes of fame, sticker, shoehorn99, […]

Fluids Pics Incoming

Flickr user xarene has posted an awe inspiring set of 265 Fluids related images from today’s happening at LACMA. They’re great shots, too, hardcore documentation of every bit of the process, start to finish. I gotta tell you, this ice is a photographer’s dream.

We’re building Fluids at Angels Gate on Sunday, starting […]

Remember Silk Roads Gallery?

You know, the gallery all caught up in the middle of the recent raids of multiple Southern California institutions, due alleged smuggling and a long history of arranging possibly fraudulent tax deductions related to donations to various institutions.

Got this in my inbox this morning. Looks like they’re closing shop and liquidating.

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What You Will Be Doing This Weekend

This weekend in LA is all about Angels Gate, as far as I’m concerned. We’ve got so much stuff going down that I’ve got tunnel vision at this point. But there is non-AGCC stuff going down, too.

Friday – Sunday

“During three days, about twenty rectangular enclosures of ice blocks (measuring about 30 […]

Your Moment of Apocalypse

I keep an eagle eye out for harbingers of doom. A lot of my personal work is about either catastrophe or apocalypse, so in a way, it’s my job. My future has never been the flying cars, white robes and food pills version, I’m expecting to trudge through middle age in a world […]

Angelenos! Protect Your Local Taco Trucks

Los Angeles County Supervisor Gloria Molina is in league with Satan, I tell you. On April 15, following her the Board of Supervisors passed a law proposed by Molina (whom I suspect to be in the pocket of Big Taco – OK, maybe I don’t really believe that she’s on the take, but […]

Sea Fortitude

Sorry about the pun-title. I feel a need to share my fascination with military architecture (largely based upon my desire to live within a heavily armed bunker) with anyone passing by today.

WebUrbanist has a post, Creatively Converted Sea Forts of Great Britain: Strange Adaptive Reuse of Military Architecture, that’s must reading for […]