Joys of Flickr: Greek Helmet Evolution & Maps

One of my favourite Flickr contacts is Olivios Lakon, who goes by the nom de internet Hoplitesmores.  As his pseudonym might suggest he’s an ancient Greek military buff. Since I’m a sucker for all things military, and all things diagram, his recent upload of a variety of scans showing the evolution of Greek helmets is something I really dig. Lakon’s stream is just chock full of hoplite oriented goodies for those of us who just can’t get enough of military science and history related stuff – most of his photos have some kind of exposition and description as well, which is great.

This find goes hand in hand with another awesome Flickr user, Maps of the Ancient World, who as you might suspect uploads nothing but images of maps, specifically of or related to ancient Greece.  These maps are really comprehensive – there are maps of periods of conflict, language group maps, maps of natural resources, etc… Given the similarity between the user names of the two accounts, I’m pretty sure the Maps of the Ancient World account might also be Lakon, especially given that all of the maps are of ancient Greece.  I digress. Don’t miss the Maps of the Illiad set (above – War Heroes of the Illiad map – best seen as big as he’s got it).

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8 comments to Joys of Flickr: Greek Helmet Evolution & Maps

  • His pseudonym suggests he might be a chocolate, marshmallow, and Graham cracker buff.

  • Those helmets on the upper left are straight outta MARVIN THE MARTIAN’s wardrobe.

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  • What’s so good about Lee’s?

    What flavour of vegetarian are you guys? I’m sure we can find some major chow.

  • Are you being contrary again, Marshall? Lee’s is great food. And really hot. And hearty. Plus it’s sign in vagitarius – er, vegitarius. So I’m into EATING it.

    We like cheese, we like fish, we like egg. We’re easy.

  • I don’t know Lee’s. I’m not being contrary – I’m just wondering what the score is on the joint.

    Easy is good. Glad to hear you’re swimming my way, too.

  • Max Sluiman

    As an amateure historian, I recognise the (top)picture as one of Peter Connolly from his book ‘The Greek Army’. He made lot’s more. I can recommend him as an must have author for war histoians.

  • Hello out there , I have 1 question , Did the ancient greek helmets always be made in 1 piece ? thank you . Sincerly Andy Charles

  • barbarian

    youre a lying piece of shit how nicely you have aded the image show the full image of the helmets and see if they all originate from illyrian helmets 900 BC

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