Joys of Flickr: Greek Helmet Evolution & Maps

One of my favourite Flickr contacts is Olivios Lakon, who goes by the nom de internet Hoplitesmores.  As his pseudonym might suggest he’s an ancient Greek military buff. Since I’m a sucker for all things military, and all things diagram, his recent upload of a variety of scans showing the evolution of Greek […]

This Day In Hyperbole: Jim Henson is the Most Important Artist of the 20th Century

I’m not just proclaiming Henson’s greatness because as a child I was subliminally implanted during The Count’s hypnotic numerical chanting. Nor because I have a bit of an obsession with cubes. I’m a believer now. I was introduced to the above media by Bill Ginder, who initially started talking about something called […]

Happy Early New Year’s Punk Gift

I’ve gone and uploaded medium resolution versions of all of the punk flyers that I have on file from when I curated History of San Pedro Punk.  I was doing some archiving, making sure that all of my stuff was in one place, and I figured it was pretty easy to just upload […]

Another Day, Another Severed Head

What is art if not an opportunity to explore themes best advanced in black metal? The above is part of the California Palace of the Legion of Honor’s expansive Rodin collection. I’m not particularly moved by this type of sculpture, in general, so what I’m looking for is historical context or subject matter […]

The Best Piece of Art in Ventura

That’s how the above piece of art was advertised to me, and I believe it.  Last weekend I went up to San Francisco with the El Camino College IDEAS Club, and we made a pit stop at Studio Channel Islands Art Center in Ventura, where Tom McMillin, father of ECC I.D.E.A.S. Club Faculty […]

Getty Foodblogging!

I attended the Press Preview and Opening Reception for both The Goat’s Dance: Photographs by Graciela Iturbide and André Kertész: Seven Decades last night. I figured it’s best that I separate my review (short version – they’re both excellent, really everything the Getty Center is doing right now is excellent, and if you live […]

Another Excuse to Post a Severed Head Painting

I was just in SF, but I actually visited the California Palace of the Legion of Honor (where the above painting lives) about a year ago and shot the whole place, but I never processed the images.  I guess I should get around to that, since I love their collection so much (except […]

Shepard Fairey, You Are No Francis Bacon

The LA Times devotes ink to the fashion scene at a Shepard Fairey opening at Merry Karnowsky. It’s the “image” section, not the art section, so it’s not like they’ve got Chris Knight pestering gallery goers about their wearables. Apparently the exhibition includes a recreation of Fairey’s studio, seen above.

UPDATE:  It has […]

Now Watch Graffiti Rise From the Grave

Now graff has credibility again!

Saw this at Boing Boing Gadgets (via Core77, via Wooster Collective), too good not to bandwagonize. Finally someone made good use of LEGO trains – I’ve been scrapping them for spare parts and selling off the train bits to rail geeks for years.  Does it say something very, […]

I’m in a show at Sabina Lee this Thursday

Artist, friend and my current role model Yong Sin has put together a small works show that opens at Sabina Lee Gallery opening this Thursday.  I’m hoping that I can even make it to the opening, as I have two finals and a ton of stuff to do Thursday before I leave for […]