Why Bother Numbering / Apocalypse Weekend Wrap-Up

It’s done – well, sort of. I got my project finished and now I get to sit down, cry and rub Ben Gay into my sore, sore shoulders. I think I almost got sick from the stress & work on Monday. I still feel like I’m operating at 90% after the last week. Here’s my photo wrap-up of the finished project, which I’ve gayly (sp?) named “No Fate” after the words carved into the picnic bench at the desert armoury in Terminator 2: Judgement Day. Young John Connor (played by Edward Furlong, who would later be dumped by human coke vaccuum Paris Hilton for beeing too much of a junkie), future savior of mankind, realises that his mother is quoting herself and the whole quote is “There’s no fate but what we make”, which then leads him to the correct conclusion that she’s gone off to kill Dyson, the guy who is working on developing Skynet from the 1st Terminator’s chip, and like a fucking moron, stops her. Sure he then helps them blow up the lab, but they could have done that on their own, after emptying his brainpan. But I digress…

I digress again… I’m jsut going to briefly anecdote my experience running into Linda Hamilton (or her twin sister, which she does have), late at night (after closing) in an elevator at the Beverly Center. I must have looked pretty agressive at the time, because the three floor elevator ride involved me standing around while she clutched her daughter to her chest, while shuddering in near panic. I’m still pissed about it. I expect a kick ass attitude from Sarah Connor, in or out of character. Digression done…
Los photos

final supplies

The final pile of supplies. We’re going to sew up a shitload of those one pound bags for the Artwalk, to give to visitors. The point is to share my largess with the people. Notice the 50 lb bag of salt. Read Mark Kurlansky’s Salt: A World History, it’s right up there with Guns, Germs and Steel in the “will change your perspective on the history of your species” category.


The final bookshelf. Pretty much my current reading list, pared down to relevant texts. 4th Generation Warfare has become an obsession of mine, as it defines a variety of conflicts which are currently the motive forces in the world today. Other items on the shelf include Michele’s Chinese warrior, a Hoover Dam snow globe, a mint in box Family Radiation Kit that I borrowed from Bill Ginder, a hand cast, white bronze, fully functional Rubik’s Cube (more on that elsewhere), a can of Campbell’s Tomato Soup (depicted in the Big Ass Painting) and this insane, anime decorated toilet paper I bought at the Alpine Village Swap Meet, while I was knife shopping.

carving ladies with knives

Guests carving. People really seemed to enjoy carving in the table. I think it’s because most people never handle anything sharp beyond their razor or a kitchen knife. It brings out an agressive streak in people. The malt liquor probably has something to do with it, too.
man sitting on throne

A random dude sitting in my throne. I really liked this guy, he got right into the project and immediately asked if he could sit on the throne. My kind of guest, eager to interact and throw himself into the project.

me with guests

Lastly, me chatting with artist Shannon Fincke and this random dude who got drunk, ate a shitload of cookies, wierded everyone out and somehow left with some German chick’s phone number. Shannon’s about to explode in this picture, if I were her I’d be really nervous, but she seems to take pretty naturally to motherhood. Suprisingly, the pants I was wearing were totally comfortable, I could wear them all day. I’ll probably shoot better shots of me as an element of the project when I’ve got the gallery to myself.

2 comments to Why Bother Numbering / Apocalypse Weekend Wrap-Up

  • That guy was weird. I have to say, I didn’t get the T2 reference at all, perhaps I should rewatch that flick.

  • She carves the word’s “No Fate” into the table with a knife – then they go and avert the end of the world. It’s totally lame in the movie. It was the lamest reference I could come up with for a name, which is my whole project naming strategy.

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