My First Love

The SR-71, here shown in its A-12 variant, is the most beautiful design object of the 20th Century.  It was a burst of raw vision, literally conceived within a dream, and built with the lovely precision of a Faberge egg.  Fragile as an egg, it’s skin consisted of hundreds of intersecting geometric panels, allowing the plane to flex and expand as the airframe heated up.  It looked like a panther and it moved like one.

National Geographic has posted a selection of previously unreleased photos from the crash of an A-12 outside Wendover, Utah in 1963.  Enjoy.

Is this an extension of the art market?

Currently going for about a thousand bucks, one identical pair of photos of Theodore Kaczynski, courtesy of our government.

Shepard Fairey x Westboro Baptist Church

Apparently this image is of Shirley Phelps-Roper, of the Westboro Baptist Church, from a protest back in March.  It’s not just impressionistic tweens, Democrat soccer moms and McGraffiti wannabees that are sporting Shepard Fairey’s brand these days, it’s also subhuman media children in the name of omnidirectional hatred who have joined his posse.  Who knew helvetica could look so ugly?

Yoko Ono, The Comic

Not in the “Yoko Ono does standup” sense, but in the short comic book by Eric Kostiuk Williams sense.

Monetize, Monetize, Monetize the Haring…

Nicholas Kirkwood x Keith Haring on

Drown in the imagitivity! Oooh, the 1980’s are finally being “summed up”, thanks to the power of Swarovski crystals. Is there nothing lazy fashion designer with a bedazzler can’t do? Fashion will save and educate us! Etc…

Agreed. Agreed. Agreed.

Luna Park has called for a moratorium on Campbell’s Soup Cans in “Street Art” and couldn’t agree more. Even Warhol’s corpse is bored now, and this is what you get when you let the pot boil for too long, something unpalatable, that must be scraped from the bottom and that ultimately leaves a discoloration or stain or scar that is the memory of the ruin that once filled the pot.  Call me enthused and agreed. The last time I got my jollies from a Campbell’s Soup Can was when I saw a man beaten to death with one in Greg Araki’s Nowhere (as seen above), and that was back in the “Extreme 90’s” when we thought that a perfect world was made from black rubber corsets, white label vinyl and the power of youth to seethe with hatred and self pity.

Staple Goya

Stapled to Death / סדר במגירה

I’m of the mind that Goya’s work, especially Los Desatres de la Guerra, has only become more meaningful with time. So meaningful that his painting, The Third of May 1808, demanded a re-creation in staples for an exhibition in Tel Aviv by Tofi Stoler.  There’s something very “MOMA gift shop” about this object, it’s like a desk toy for insensitive, but art historically aware, executives.

via BoingBoing.

The Civil War, Now in Vibrant, Modern 3-D

[View from the Petersburg railroad depot, Richmond, Va., during the Civil War] (LOC)

The Library of Congress keeps bringing the heat of history to Flickr’s Commons.  For the 150th anniversary of the War of Northern Aggression, they’ve loaded up a cannon load of stereographs, analglyphized them and blasted them across the bow of the internet.  So dig up the old red & blue shades and enjoy the Civil War in 3-D.

El Celso vs. Ant Farm

El Celso and C-Monster are on the road.  Where they’re going, nobody knows.  But they stopped at Ant Farm’s Cadillac Ranch long enough to throw some serious colour onto one of those old Caddies.

I miss Cadillac Ranch, ya’all are making me road-sick.  Here’s the same car back in 2006.

Glenn Beck on Art

Over at Huffington Post, ARTINFO has a fun breakdown of Glenn Beck’s four “most outstanding moments” as an “art critic”. I fell in love with Beck, as a kind of “straight man to David Icke” while in a dentist’s chair once, and I for one would love to hear him opine more about art, at such great length that all sense unravels from his spiel. Or even more awesome, a show co-hosted by Glenn Beck and Sister Wendy that comes with an optional Ambien and Percocet subscription. If I could come home to that mindwiper at the end of my day…